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Enjoy the Full Support of a Franchise, but without the Franchise Fee

We are the Number 1 Chipstix Agent in the UK & Ireland and as well as stocking & providing you with our competitively priced skewers and seasonings, we can also provide you with full support in all areas of the business whether you are an experienced trader or just starting out. Once you purchase the equipment from us there are no Royalty or Commission payments to make and the equipment is 100% owned by you - no strings attached!


Simple & Profitable - check out our Short Promo Video...

No Cash Required - A Chipstix Package Deal Paid for by the time your credit card bill is due

The Chipstix Package Deal comes with everything that you need (excluding potatoes) to make up to 1000 Chipstix. This Deal includes our latest Market Leading Electronic Potato Cutter that not only is packed full of Health & Safety features, but also includes an electronic counter that enables you to track how many Chipstix you have made & sold. Based on the RRP that means by just selling the stock included with the Package Deal you will generate enough revenue to pay for the Package Deal outright - now how many other products provide you with such an opportunity for a return on your investment??

Chipstix Package Deal


Introducing the Chipstix Caterpod - the Ultimate, Lightweight 'Money Making' Catering Trailer ..

Chipstix Caterpod

Earn Gross Profits of up to an incredible 92.67%

With a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of £1.50 to £3, Chipstix provide you with the opportunity of making Huge Gross Profits. Chipstix Cost of Sales covering the potato, skewer, seasoning, power & cooking oil come in at approximately 22 pence, so with a RRP of up to £3 this can equate to a Gross Profit of up to £2.78 - all of this from one medium sized Potato?

The Chipstix Machine - lightweight, easy to clean, efficient & simple to use..

Chipstix Machine

Mobile or Fixed Premise Trading - Give yourself the edge on Your Competition!


Chipstix is already established in over 40 countries & that is testament to our range of delicious seasonings. Get one step ahead of your competition by adding this tasty snack to your menu and establish yourself as the recognised Chipstix re-seller in your Area. Looking for the perfect mobile trading opportunity? Check out the purpose built Chipstix Caterpod that provides a ready made Business on the road - Amazing value!